What is Kerosene?

Kerosene is a widely used fuel. In fact, you may use kerosene every day without even realizing it. This oil commonly shows up in household heating and other domestic and industrial uses. Let’s explore the fundamentals of this fuel, from its composition to its diverse applications. What is Kerosene? Kerosene, also called paraffin oil or

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white oil

White Oil and its Uses

Though commonly associated with consumer-grade petroleum jelly, white oil products have been used across industries for centuries. Marco Polo, the famed Venetian merchant and explorer, wrote about white oil use in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in the 13th century, but there is evidence of earlier use. Let’s explore the variety of uses for white oil in

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petroleum distribution

Eco-Friendly Practices in Petroleum Distribution

The global oil industry faces a growing need to align its operations with environmental sustainability. Studies show that petroleum distribution contributes 15% of the global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to all energy-related emissions for the United States. By using renewable energy and streamlining processes, the entire industry is taking steps toward eco-friendly practices. Environmental

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