Total Fluid Management

Bellman Oil Company offers a total fluid management program for your business. Our program allows you to deal with the fast changes involving the manufacture of your products with Bellman Oil managing all aspects of your fluids. We offer our customers total peace of mind by:

  • Controlling Inventory. Our account manager checks inventory and maintains proper amounts needed for production and plans deliveries accordingly.
  • Oil Analysis. We work with plant personnel to determine appropriate testing needs.
  • Control of Waste Oils. Bellman Oil works at minimizing the amount of waste oils generated and also tests wastes so that they can be disposed of properly in conjunction with a licensed waste hauler.
  • Right Product Right Application. Bellman Oil works with plant personnel to determine the right fluids to meet the exact specifications needed thru "custom blending" of products.
  • Cleaners. Bellman Oil offers a complete line of industrial cleaners that will meet all applicants through out your plant.
Total Fluid Management

Let our fluid management program help your bottom line by reducing fluids on hand, reduce EPA impact, and get the right product for the right application. Our company working for you. Helping your bottom line.

Fluid Analysis

Let Bellman Oil provide you with a history of your lubricant's condition, thru fluid analysis. Set up a baseline for your equipment and get a snap shot of the inside of your equipment without teardowns or costly lubricant changes.

Fluid analysis reduces maintenance costs and offers the knowledge that your equipment is properly lubricated, not wearing out prematurely.

We offer testing for:

Easy to set up and maintain, fluid analysis has become an efficient and economical means of reducing expensive downtime and controlling maintenance costs.


Bellman Oil offers a complete solution to help you minimize and remove waste lubricants. Let Bellman Oil design custom solution for collecting and recycling your used oils. Whether your used oils are automotive or industrial, Bellman Oil can help you get on the right track to be in compliance and safe guard the environment.

Custom Blending

Let Bellman Oil custom blend a product for your specific application. We offer custom blended products, lab testing, product analysis and certification. Specializing coolants and cutting oil: with semi-synthetic, synthetic or traditional basic oils. We can solve the problems your current fluid can't handle. Let our account managers get you the right product for the right application. With quick turn around times and delivery, we can cover all your needs.

Associate Marketer

Build a partnership for your business today with Bellman Oil. Our Associate marketer program offers you the ability to:

At Bellman Oil, we are committed to partnering with marketers to provide the best service possible while devoting our personal knowledge and expertise. Let us help you stand apart from the rest.

Automatic/Keep Full Service

Bellman Oil offers automatic or keep full service to all our customers. Take the worry out of having to check your tanks to make sure you have product. We can automatically fill your tank every time it reaches a certain level specified by you or we can fill it on a curtain date week after week or month after month. We offer this service for fuels as well as lubes.

Product Hauling/Transportation

Bellman Oil's transportation company, B & B Transport is a common carrier trucking company that hauls petroleum liquids in petroleum trailers and van trailers.

Call us today for a current quote.

Service Station/C-Store Branding

The Smart move! Partner with Bellman Oil to brand your service station/c-store. We offer the BP and Citgo brand as well as private branding.

You can rely on our expertise and over 40 years of marketing in convenience stores and service stations as you decide the most profitable course of action for your business.